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Below, you can find some examples of the software that we have created.

Special Fr8 Europe Invoice Creator

This is a small piece of software made for shipping company Special Fr8 Europe that allows them to quickly create invoices for their customers.

It allows all users on the network to view a centralised list of previously created invoices. It also allows them to create new invoices, and save or print them.  It automatically calculates VAT and totals, and generates the invoices based on the user input in the proper layout.


PDF Invoice that is generated by the software:

RPM Tools

This software is a complete project management software solution, created for a refurbishment company wishing to upgrade their systems.  The name €œRPM tools€ stands for Refurbishment Project Management Tools.

The software is a complete solution for the company, allowing them to keep track of their day to day orders.  It allows them to manage their projects by tracking the status of supplier orders and subcontractor orders for each project.  The software runs off of Microsoft SQL Server, and is installed on all staff computers. This allows all members of staff to work on projects simultaneously and view the project list and status €˜live€™. 

It includes the following features:

Login Screen, accessed by User ID & Password.  Providing levels of accessibility privileges €“ this would mean that some users could change or update information whilst other users could only view and therefore not accidentally change data.

  Project Screen.  The user would choose a Project to access through a drop down list or box which the project number could be typed into directly to call up project details [linked to accounting nominal codes].  Then use an Enter button to take the user to the Project Summary.  

Project Summary.
This screen would display all details about the project, including facility to enter new sub-contactors/suppliers [linked to sage nominal codes], button to rate Sub-contracts/Suppliers, facility to select a Sub-Contractor/Supplier and place an €œOrder.€

Each Sub-Contractor/Supplier would have an Order status (colour coded dependant on what stage the order is currently at

Sub Contract Order Form accessed through the Project Summary.
Some information will be pre-stored/selectable from a drop list or code field which can be typed in (for example) Supplier/Sub-Contractor code include the Sub-contractor/Supplier rating.

The Sub Contract Order Form will print and attach to a €œBundle€ of materials [to be agreed drawings etc] as a PDF/attachment to email.  The physical order will be processed manually.

Once the Order Form is complete, printed and sent to supplier.  The user would select €œupdate Project Summary€ to update the Sub Contract Order Status on the Project Summary.


At any time the User could print out the Log Sheet, which would show what had been done and what needs doing and statuses for all.  For example:
a.     Goods ordered date.
b.     Expected delivery date.
c.     Chase date (prior to delivery to confirm delivery date).
d.     Delivery completed.

 Sub-contractor/Supplier Performance.
a.     Questionnaire/form manually input answers to rate sub-contractors/suppliers according to performance (1 for poor, 10 for great or similar).
b.     Performance Report €“ rate Suppliers as Red/Amber/Green or another KPI monitor.

7.     Backup Facility.
8.     Restore facility.


Full user activity logging:


Profit Calculator
Cheat Loader

This is a peice of software that was created for paying members of a game cheat website. This software is now obsolete, as the site shut down. The software allows paid members to log in, and inject a game cheat into a game of their choice. The software securely downloads a DLL file from the remote server, and injects into the game. This process is entirely in memory, which means it is almost impossible for malicious users to leak the cheat file DLL. It featured:

  • User accounts are locked to Hardware ID (CPU, Mac Address, and Hard Drive Serial Number).

  • Custom GUI design.

  • Username and Password authentication via the website's forum.

  • The software checks to verify that the user who logged in is a paid member of the website. And if they are not, declines the log-in.

  • The software detects attempts of debugging or packet sniffing attacks, and if detected, automatically denies access to the user, and reports the hack attempt to the admins of the website.



Clan Member Tracker

This program was created for a clan of gamers. It is a tool to manage, update, and search an online database of clan members, their member status etc.

It also has a few other features, such as allowing the user to view all clan members who are currently online.


Poker Club Tournament Updater

Created for a poker club, this is a software application made to accompany an online tournament results page.

It allows the owners of the poker club to update the website with the latest poker results, without having to manually edit the page. This program works on a SQL server. For an example of an updater similar to this which works with xml files on the FTP server, please see our Soft Touch Blues Band updater software.

Please click below image to see larger.


Paypal Invoice Processor

For owners of E-Commerce systems that run on paypal accounts, this is an incredibly useful tool.

When a customer pays with paypal, you will receive a 'notification of payment received' email. In this email, it contains the buyer information. To keep accounts, this information would usually be manually entered into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

This software will automatically download the payment notification emails, and extract the data out of them, automatically. Then, it will display the results in a DataGridView, which you can copy and paste straight into your Excel worksheet. This saves HOURS of typing. It also allows you to save the invoice emails as html files, to keep as records.

This software is available for sale for £99. Please email support@cjs-group.com if you wish to buy, and we will send more information.

We also created a proof of concept paypal processor which automatically logs into paypal, and browses to the transaction page, and extracts data from there. However, due to paypal constantly updating their website layout, it is hard to keep up to date, and we deemed that email extraction was an easier way to go about things.

Please click image to see it larger.


Blues Band Gig Date & Set List Updater

Along with the website itself, we designed a software updater for a popular blues band. It allows the band members to update the set list, and upcoming gig dates without having to edit the website page itself.

This software works through xml files on the ftp server, rather than a SQL database. For an example of a program similar to this which works on a SQL server, please see our Poker Club Updater (above).





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